Scorched Earth Policy

Our policy for work related to political campaigns and public policy initiatives

The Liberty Lab takes great pride in our client base and the online development work we have created on their behalf. Much of this work includes website design, app development, content management, social media, email campaigns, online advocacy, communications, and reputation management.

We work incredibly hard at our craft. Long hours, late nights, weekends… are typical during campaign season. We understand project scopes can shift quickly in the heat of a campaign and try to keep our processes flexible enough to accommodate the unexpected. Throughout the process, our goal is to meet the needs and expectations of the client.

For our efforts, we expect to be paid in full, in a timely manner, and without drama. “Oops! The campaign is broke.” or “We’ll make it up to you on the next campaign cycle.” is not acceptable.

Under such circumstances, The Liberty Lab reserves the right to redirect its efforts to initiate our “Scorched Earth Policy.” Such an initiative may include using its expertise and intimate knowledge of your campaign strategy to undermine your efforts and damage your reputation. We may also contact your users, constituents, colleagues, opponents, and donors to communicate your lack of integrity and poor character.


To those who feel this policy may need to be applied to their campaign, we suggest you hire a different firm, one whose principals are still naive enough to think they will get paid after the campaign is over and donor funds are gone.

To those who feel this policy burns bridges, they’re right. But then why would we want to collaborate with, associate with, or advocate on behalf of an unethical client who doesn’t meet their financial obligations?