Website Development

“How much does a website cost?”

For those just starting the process of identifying a highly skilled team of online developers, one of the first questions they ask is, “How much will it cost to build a website?” The answer, “It depends.”

Our rates vary depending on the task or project. Our standard hourly rate for consulting, custom development, and technical support is $129 per hour. Flat-rate pricing is available for projects following the completion of a detailed scoping document. Discounted rates are available to agencies, campaign consultants, and free-market think tanks.

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Standard WordPress Development

Starting at $5,600


  • Linux development server setup and configuration
  • Installation and configuration of the WordPress content management system
  • Installation and configuration of a premium theme
  • Identification, installation, and configuration of appropriate plugins
  • Website mockup design (maximum of two design revisions)
  • Customized cascading stylesheet
  • Initial setup of navigation structure
  • Initial setup of page structure
  • 1 hour training session upon completion of your project
  • Cross browser compatibility testing
  • 30 days of testing and quality control
  • DNS transfer

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WordPress Multisite Network Development

Starting at $8,600

A multisite network is a collection of sites that all share the same WordPress installation. They can also share plugins and themes. The individual sites in the network are virtual sites in the sense that they do not have their own directories on your server, although they do have separate directories for media uploads within the shared installation, and they do have separate tables in the database.


  • All items listed in the single site development package, plus…
  • Multisite network configuration
  • Theme replication and installation onto all sub-sites within the network
  • Configure cross-network, multiuser permission levels
  • Install and configure of the network domain manager

Specific package pricing is determined by the extent to which we develop and integrate the following functionality:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Custom forms and data collection tools
  • Popover manager for promotions and form presentation
  • Social media integration
  • Analytics
  • Photo galleries
  • Audio and video integration
  • Extra layers of security
  • Advertising manager
  • Document library
  • Custom plugins & widgets
  • Custom landing page templates
  • eCommerce
  • Event management & registration

* We collaborate closely with all of our clients to tastefully integrate their logos and existing branding designs into the new website. However, extensive custom graphic design, logo creation, and photography are not included and will be estimated separately.

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Website Migrations

Starting at $500

Website migration project range from very easy to very complex. The primary driver that determines the cost of the project is the extent to which the process can be automated. A simple website built on a well known content management system like WordPress, Expression Engine, Movable Type, Drupal, Joomla, can be relatively painless. The process often typically begins by using an automated script to export content from the existing website and import into the new site. Pricing can be determined after we review the data and the platform used on the current site.

On the other end of the spectrum is migrating large amounts of unnormalized data from one site and mapping it to the new site. This usually requires lots of custom scripting and complex database work. Such projects are always priced at an hourly rate.

On occasion, clients have data such as user profiles or published posts that need to be manually migrated. This can be a time consuming cut & paste process. Such projects are always priced at an hourly rate of $28 per hour.

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Custom Plugin Development

Starting at $2,000

Plugin development can vary significantly based on the functionality required.

Custom App Development

Starting at $5,000

The Liberty Lab builds web apps and native mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms. App development can vary significantly based on the functionality required.

Emergency Services

Starting at $175 per hour

If you are not currently a client and your server crashes, your website gets hacked, or you need some sort of functionality implemented on extremely short notice, we might be able to help. Regardless of time of day or day of week, we are almost always connected to the Internet. Please reach out to us via email or phone. If we connect with you and have the resources available to help you solve your problem, we will. Cost for such services start at $175 per hour. Weekend rates are $250 per hour. We have a three hour minimum.

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